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SDG Challenge

The mission of the SDG-Challenge is to inspire and mobilize students and companies to work together on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). These goals are set to combat climate change and to reduce the inequalities in the world.

Fourteen teams of the fourteen Dutch universities team up with a leading company to work together on a SDG-Challenge of the company.

The organisation of the SDG-Challenge developed a special "pressure-cooker", so that the teams will come up with tangible and actionable ideas that will contribute to the SDGs.

During the final in the SDG-House, all teams present their solutions in front of a professional jury. The team with the biggest potential impact wins!


"Universiteitsstrijd" is a platform that activates students to critically think about present-day topics together with leading companies.

University teams & business partners

Which company teamed up with which university team? And what SDG-Challenge are they working on? Check it out below!

How does it work?

"Universiteitsstrijd" links third-year Bachelor's and Master's students to business partners with an eye for sustainability to work together on the SDGs.

Registration phase

Dec / Jan / Feb / Mar

  • Selection of business partners
  • Business partners choose university team
  • Recruitment & selection of university teams

SDG-Challenge (1 day)

Apr / May (date depends on team's availability)

  • University team works with business partner on the SDG-Challenge through "pressure-cooker"

Final @ SDG-House

21st of June

  • Presentations solutions of the SDG-Challenges
  • Speeddates
  • Keynote speaker
  • Award ceremony by professional jury
  • Networking drinks

Jury & Criteria

All university teams are judged on the potential impact on the company (profit & people), the sector (people & planet) and society (people & planet).

We have six jury members, from the public and private sector:

Hugo von Meijenfeldt, Dutch SDG-Coordinator at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hugo von Meijenfeldt

Dutch SDG-Coordinator (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Eric Mantelaers, Audit partner & Head of Practical Development Department (RSM), Researcher and Professional Speaker

Eric Mantelaers

Audit partner & Head of Practical Development Department (RSM), Researcher and Professional Speaker

Marike Bonhof, CFO at Vitens

Marike Bonhof

CFO (Vitens)

Marlous van der Veen, Senior Advisor CSR at Enexis

Marlous van der Veen

Senior Advisor CSR (Enexis)

Tatiana Glad, Director & Founder Impact Hub Amsterdam

Tatiana Glad

Director & Founder (Impact Hub Amsterdam)

Folkert van der Molen, Marketing Manager / SDG-enthusiast (Sustainalize)

Folkert van der Molen

Marketing Manager / SDG-enthusiast (Sustainalize)

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Want to know more about the project? Please contact us at: organisation@universiteitsstrijd.nl

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